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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stone Cold Bush is a level that can be arrested in US

Let's take up a song of Red Hot Chili Peppers we all love!! From the album "Mother's Milk" in 1989 which is the first hit in RHCP's history, "Stone Cold Bush"!

Mother's Milk [Explicit]

Mother's Milk [Explicit]


The sound pressure level of the recorded sound in this album is somewhat low. We have to turn up the volume a little when we listen. However, be cautious when you listen to it for a long time in a closed room turning up the volume. Because you might trip to a trance state since quite uneasy and ominous sounds intensely come one after another, back and forth, and up and down. Turn the sound down a little and moderately ventilate your room!

Now, the beginning of the song goes like this:



In seconds after the song begins, we find ourselves in the first verse already because the tempo is fast and Intro has only 4 bars. It's a quick turnning. The drum responds with "Ta, chii, chii" to the freewheeling shouts of the 2nd bar, and changes to the smooth open hi-hat pattern to the tenuto riff at the 4th and 8th bars. You play there enjoying an ensemble every member in your band together.

The 3rd and 4th beats of the 6th bar are 16 notes offbeat chop by drums and bass. That is the usual line of RHCP - no, of the bassist Flea (real name Michael Balzary). We are impressed with its groove, technique and authentic ensemble by the two. Oh yeah, it would sell a lot for sure if you have such a bass and drums! To keep grooving just right like them even in this fast tempo, a bass and drum players have to be compatible with each other.

Go on to the chorus with the lyrics "She's Stone Cold Bush!":



The drummer Chad Smith kicks like below on the first beat of almost all the bars. He seems to play automatically when he plays a funky pattern.


On the other hand, only in the chorus part he intentionally changes the pattern of the kick using 8th notes. That makes the chorus bring about a kind of stable feeling. At the 1st and 2nd bars, two kicks in 8th notes. On the 3rd and 4th bar, it changes a bit and the 16 notes offbeat chop comes again. What an elaborated section.

I thought that I had heard a similar song to the chorus, and found that it was a song of nostalgia Tokyo incidents. That is, 00:35- of Stone Cold Bush is similar to 0:52-0:55 and 1:05-1:08 of the song below. I'm not sure I can convey to you what I hear. 

Let's go back to Stone Cold Bush. I put the ending as a bonus.



This song has only 3 minutes, but is a very attractive one packed with good phrases and well-composed sections. I just want to play it in a band exactly the same as RHCP. Only one spot in the sun is that the tempo becomes slightly slow and as a result the driving force of the song gets weaker, around the guitar solo (1:32-) where he switches to the ride cymbal.... No, don't be distracted by small details. I have to put perfectionism aside. Do nothing but just listen at full volume to go off into a trance!