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Chad Wackerman

The number of people huffing and puffing on Frank Zappa - Zomby Woof :

Frank Zappa - Zomby Woof continues! 5 notes grouping and pointless melodies A long guitar solo and a superfunky section! Condensed Zappa-esque albums Frank Zappa - Zomby Woof continues! Let's continue with Frank Zappa's Zomby Woof from his…

Humans were too early to manage Frank Zappa - Zomby Woof

Frank Zappa - Zomby Woof I must say, that is a violation of the rules A variety of "5" come in Now, it's Frank Zappa's hour with very few requests! Discover Zomby Woof, where we can easily view the unique feature of Zappa's songs. Frank Za…

Hop, step, and Frank Zappa - Keep It Greasy (You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3)

Hi-ho Silver!! (see "5. Bobby Brown Goes Down" in this site for example) So, it's time for Frank Zappa again! Also see the previous article: In order to introduce his song for the last post I listened to Frank Zappa after a long interval. …