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Episode 1: Attack of YouTube Drum Performance Showcase

This time I try a variation of this blog. Let me showcase 6 drum performances on YouTube deserving of special mention. You should officially watch all of them for your life as a drummer. 1. Aric Improta upsets conventional wisdom on a drum…

Yujihb - Basics #2 can be done in 20 seconds per day

Want to see a super drummer's boiling hot play? Sorry, but today I'd like to be a bit relaxed so let's enlarge the basic steps. Also see this previous article: Assume you climb over "the big wall" and you can stably play the pattern using …

Yujihb - Basics #1 to survive trials

Let's change the angle this time and see something for beginners. Actually, there are basic steps such as how to hold sticks and how to handle a drum kit, but this time we are going to skip those and to focus on "trying and doing it someho…