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Steve Vai

Farewell to Steve Vai - Kill The Guy With The Ball

"Kill The Guy With The Ball" where the Deen Castronovo's high-speed technical drum play shines from the Steve Vai's mini-album "Alien Love Secrets" in a row. Steve seemed to be playing well with his own weinie when he was little (†). Let's…

Pistol on one hand, Steve Vai - Kill The Guy With The Ball in the heart

Steve Vai the guitarist of my respect is back. Introducing from the mini-album "Alien Love Secrets", which has fewer songs than full albums. I do not know what he thought when he decided to cover himself in silver powder, but his having su…

Jealous of popularity of VAI - Here & Now

He is and will always be my hero! Steve Vai is my teacher, mentor and master. Of course, an electric guitar that I have and usually use has 24 frets! Because it is not possible to trace master's play if it is 22 frets. Well, I'm going to t…