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Incognito - She Wears Black makes women feel at peace

This time we are going to check "She Wears Black" from Incognito's album "Beneath The Surface"! Beneath The Surface by Incognito アーティスト: Incognito 出版社/メーカー: Talkin Loud 発売日: 1996 メディア: カセット この商品を含むブログを見…

The Magic Trick Revelation Series "the secrets of Incognito - Hold On To Me"

Beneath the Surface [12 inch Analog] アーティスト: Incognito 出版社/メーカー: Talkin Loud 発売日: 1996/10/18 メディア: LP Record この商品を含むブログを見る Continues from the previous article let us try "Hold On To Me" from Incognito' s al…

You should know the amazingness of Incognito - Hold On To Me more

Acid jazz was very popular when I was young but I do not hear recently about the word. The sound is like sophisticated club music, and humans play in a band form and not doing much DTM. Those make it attractive for me as a man playing manu…