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Self-study to master Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times

This time we are going to see an old song again. Let's try Good Times Bad Times from the first album of the founder of the rock world Led Zeppelin. This song is well-known as a gateway to advanced drumming. Since I received a report that some people doesn't know it, I'm going to introduce it just in case! 

Led Zeppelin (Remastered)

Led Zeppelin (Remastered)


Although the song is the gateway, it is expected that very few people can play it properly. So, rather, it should be called the unreasonable target or the height of admiration. In any case, some can play and some cannot play the beginning of the song:



Feel bodily the play full of bursts exploded by John Bonham (aka Bonzo), also known as the father of rock drum. First of all, the basic pattern is incredible after the super famous 4 bars intro. Three consecutive right kicks on the 3rd beat while stepping on the hi-hat with 8th notes. The ▶ (triangle) in the score represents a cowbell hit. Although he should be the role model in rock drums, it is a bit unexpected that he keeps the beat with a cowbell instead of a hi-hat or a cymbal. And right after above:

f:id:yujihb:20151122222111j:plainEspecially famous in the drummers' neighborhood is this double kicks in triplet without first note. This used to shock many drummers. We tried to manage it and felt frustrated because we could not do it like him... However, we soon realize that the above is just the beginning of the lesson once we come to 2:12:


If the triplet kicks are just 3 sets, you might be able to overcome it nearly becoming stumbled. But in the latter part of the song a 10-chambered revolver fires! We do not often see such an awful score. xtl xtl xtl xtl xtl xtl..... Do not aim a lucky shot. He achieves it perfect anytime and anywhere, even when he has a hangover. A lot of drummers were desperate, giving up as hopeless and admiring Bonzo.

Here for the first time I checked John Bonham with Wikipedia, it turned out that many famous drummers seemed to worship Bonzo. The site doesn't mention his base drums in particular, but it should be one of the elements that establish that greatness.