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I'm Dream Theater - 6:00. Do you have any questions?

Progressive rock lovers. The band is named as Dream Theater. There are musicians who can understand and create music by mathematics or advanced puzzle games instead of emotions or feelings. From their album "Awake" going ahead with music advancement, pay attention to the intro of "6:00"!




In the intro part we suddenly get a hard task. Greet the dawn at 6:00 by a tom waterfall from the right foot + left foot 32nd notes. Since the lyrics go "6:00 on a Christmas morning" repeatedly in the first part of the song, we seem to be on Christmas morning. After that, meaningful lyrics that are talking to oneself continue, but let's leave it without deep diving too much into what he says.



The 2 initial 32nd notes in sixtuplet of the tom waterfall may be played in single stroke guessing from the granularity of the tom sound. In other words, it is neither right+right nor left+left, but right+left. And if you proceeded with a single stroke (right, left, right, left...), note that you need to hit the cymbal on the first beat of the 2nd bar with your left hand. Alternatively, if you put a right+right (or a left+left) one time during any part of the sixtuplets, you can hit the cymbal with your right hand and it may be easier to keep balance.

From the second bar, it is the part repeated several times during the song as a theme. The position of the accents in the drum pattern is quite unique. You might hear music like mathematics and get an artificial scent around here. We might not dance to this part. I never say that it is bad, but rather that is one of the attactive aspects of Dream Theater who performs artificial and complex transcendental songs sometimes unsentimentally.

In the 5th bar, you see a high-speed stroke part with accents on unusual points. The Dream Theater's bearded drummer, Mike Portnoy may be playing it without effort. It would be fun to play this part perfectly and to let it snap into the bars. I definitely want to play along or cover the song. The drum part is technically hard, but it is harder for me to find guys on guitar, bass, etc. who share similar tastes...