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Simple and good taste Sly & The Family Stone - You Can Make It If You Try

Hi. Let me continue to introduce where we need to look into with You Can Make It If You Try by Sly & The Family Stone.




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The score below shows a part where the song suddenly goes into a drum solo.


This is a pattern that is slightly varied from the normal pattern with the accents on the 1st and the 2nd beats. It gradually gets elevated with funky organ and horn towards the verse, and finally it climbs up to the summit with the 32nd notes single stroke roll on the 8th bar. And the first beat on the verse coming back, we get just one shot of the snare! Imagine the first hit after an exciting gradual climb. If I play drums at such a moment I could probably be impatient and slash one loud crash cymbal!

Subsequently, the section where drums, organ, horns and guitars are well intertwined closely:


This is a complicated pattern that accented with snares and bass drums in response to the rhythm of the section. Brilliant is the last half of the 4th bar no matter what. Immediately after hitting the cymbal he grabbed the cymbal by hand and choked the sound, finishing it impressively and compactly. It seems that it is saying "Here comes the end of the section". The phrase also connects the section smoothly to the verse. How did they create this section? Well made and sturdy.

The song is short but has a lot of colorful patterns and phrases. Try to find and play interesting phrases that are not listed here.