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Reasons to recommend Michel Camilo - On Fire

Introducing from a live stage of Latin pianist Michel Camilo impressive with his elastic Montuno. It appears as a trio at North Sea Jazz Festival 2002. The bass player is Anthony Jackson, the drummer is also a Latin style Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez.

On Fire Live - Michel Camilo - Anthony Jackson - Horacio (El Negro) Hernandez.avi

Not only this live stage, his drum play is always beyond our reach. What is the problem here? Let's look at the basic pattern of the killer "On Fire" played at this live performance.



The right and left hand would be no problem. The right hand may get tired because of this fast tempo, but we could manage it somehow. The biggest problem is the jam block being stepped on with the left foot (▲on the score).

In the first place we don't step anything irregularly on the left foot. It is quite difficult to move both hands and right foot while stepping on this irregular "2-3 clave" pattern. Perhaps if you practice a lot and get used to it, only the basic pattern may be playable barely. However, it is extremely crazy that while the complicated drum solo from 5:52 including high speed strokes, he is stepping on this 2-3 clave steadily at all times! This is just terrible. This is really difficult stuff. I gave up.

Someone posted a nonsense comment on YouTube such as "A switch that automatically repeats 2-3 clave when pressed once is installed on him!". Why do I call it nonsense? Because that switch is actually installed.




By the way, the score above is of the theme focusing only on the rhythm and accents. It does not matter if the drum play is great or not. One-bar-repeat signs indicate the part playing the basic pattern. Excuse me it would be confusing in fact those are not repeated.