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You should know the amazingness of Incognito - Hold On To Me more

Acid jazz was very popular when I was young but I do not hear recently about the word. The sound is like sophisticated club music, and humans play in a band form and not doing much DTM. Those make it attractive for me as a man playing manually real instruments.

Beneath The Surface by Incognito

Beneath The Surface by Incognito


Incognito is a byword for acid jazz. I'm going to present you the opening part of "Hold On To Me" from Incognito's album "Beneath The Surface".


The important thing is the accents on 4th 16 note of 2, 4, 6th bars, and 16th off beat kick at 2nd beat. That is producing a groove in keeping with the phrase of the bass. I wonder which one was created first the drum or the base. Funky indeed. It is somewhat usual for a funk drum pattern to remove the backbeat at 2nd & 4th beats and to bring the accents to another place like that.

I listened to this album a lot of times. The drummer is Richard Bailey, who had been exploding grace notes in Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow while he still was young. I looked into one word per phrase, one action at a time, and repeatedly studied how drums make groove. The word refinement is suitable for its funk groove with stability.

Next time, the drum solo of this song is going to be analysed at once! I separete it in two articles because the music score would be long.