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A Clockwork The James Taylor Quartet - MESSAGE FROM SICILY

Speaking of British jazz funk music, we have The James Taylor Quartet (JTQ). Speaking of JTQ, James Taylor's organ should be noted. You may know James Taylor who plays country music but he has no relationship with James Taylor of JTQ except for their name. Sometimes I play keyboards in the band with the style of his play. However my fingers do not move so fast I just try imitate the teste...
Room at the Top

Room at the Top


Speaking of drum plays in their songs, it's packed with jazz funk and is very helpful to learn the style. There are plenty of excellent play as a standard model. Check out the 4-bar drum solo of "MESSAGE FROM SICILY" from their album "Room at the Top".


The second to fifth bars are the drum solo. Only the music score above does not make you feel it but once you listen to it the 4 bars apparently are telling one good story and smoothly bridging to the verse. Smooth refreshing and just time feel, but still somewhat impressive lasts in my mind... I actually do not understand what I am writing.

At the same time when the drum solo began, sound like marimba gently tapped, and it is interesting to let us feel cold continuity and sustainability like minimal music.

After the drum solo a normal rhythm pattern continues (from the sixth bar in the score). That is a straight cold play. He turns into a drum machine without emotions. The ambient string notes played in white balls (whole notes), as well as the chord progression that goes back and forth alternately between the two codes, give us a cold and static impression. However, a slight tempo wiggling and grace notes leaked out of the drum machine (metaphor), so it is possible to find a human touch of a real drum kit. Just because you play accurately and perfectly do not make music excellent!

According to Wikipedia they seem to continue JTQ for over 30 years. How old are they!? They have members over the age of 60? I would like to be such a long-term musician.