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David Bowie - Heroes no one knew

Let's take a look at a David Bowie's song for memorial this time. It is "Heroes" which seems to be particularly famous among his songs.




We also struck the pose a lot of times!!

When I was a high school student, I remember that I concentrated listening to David Bowie's albums I happened to borrow from my friend not understanding anything about him. Especially I listened to The Man Who Sold the World and Changes. I'm missing that. Now it is deeply moving that such an artist of my youth has gone.

Well, in the drum pattern of this song, occasionally hi-hat opens, tom fill-ins are put with purposely fixed form. A play in harmony with the relaxed song, letting us feel calm


However, this time I don't say how a drum play is special. Immediately after the words "Just for one day" where the 1st verse ends, I am paying attention to the timing when a metallic instrument comes in.



It is not coming in at a point where a song's phases change. That is a false start! This reduces a sluggish feel diluting a feeling excessively aligned. It is difficult to express by words but what a tasteful one!

Next, all melodies of the song are raised by one octave, and suddenly it shows a raging excitement exhaling cries from inside. And this is my most inspirational highlight of this song. Tambourine breaks in.



Like exactly one minute ago (2:51), after the "Just for one day" it comes in at a slightly odd timing. That is simply outstanding. I can cry even though it should be just a tambourine. Depending on my physical condition at the time of my listening, I can cry. You might not easily find a percussion that makes you cry.

In addition, there is also a subliminal effect that the sound overlaps one by one before we realized it, noticing that a lot of sounds are overlapping and being excited in the latter part of the song. It's a small percussion but colors the entire song.

Perhaps the excellence that I feel may not be conveyed to you very much. I am not confident for this time.