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Media never writes the truth of Ojos de Brujo - Color

As my recent articles talked about a lot of old songs much, let's see a little closer place. It is said that about 10 years ago, though, Ojos de Brujo ("Sorcerer Eyes" in English) burst on the scene. The band is claimed to be one fuses hip-hop and flamenco together. Let's check the first song "Color" from their album "Techarí".




First of all you cannot catch the beat itself when you briefly listen to this song. You guess it has a beat, but no luck. The song goes on in a very unstable manner. Percussions and various instruments are mixed, and makes it a strong chaotic feeling. In such a confusion, a ray of consistency comes along like this: 


A bridge section in 6/4 time. Apparently it comes us to notice that this song has sixtuple time. The last two beats in the bars appear unnecessary or surplus somehow. But we soon understand this is a well-planned section, hearing the 1st/3rd beats and the phrase of the solid tight horns are repeated.

As for drums, kicks and hi-hat open accents are in sync with the rhythm of the bass and the horn section. At the same time with its synchronization, I also want to pay attention to the lively sound of cymbals which is my most favorite of recent date. A crash cymbal with a slightly smaller diameter, or perhaps a little larger splash cymbal? I want to ring my cymbals like that.

The song appears chaotic and mysterious if you are accustomed to popular quadruple times. I think a variety of musical instruments performed randomly makes such a groove. At least, bass, horns, two kinds of guitars, shakers, bongos, vocals, record scratch, and mysterious sound effects overlap each other with their own rhythms, creating a crowded festival groove. That's right, a groove of crowds. A skillful drummer cannot realize it only himself. Ask members in your band to sometimes make a mysterious noise.