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Yujihb - Basics #2 can be done in 20 seconds per day

Want to see a super drummer's boiling hot play? Sorry, but today I'd like to be a bit relaxed so let's enlarge the basic steps. Also see this previous article: 

Assume you climb over "the big wall" and you can stably play the pattern using right/left hands and a right foot in the article above. Then change the patterns slightly and try some examples:

Example 1 


Example 2


Example 3 


Notice that the right/left hands do not change at all and only the bass drum hits are increasing. Like the previous basic pattern, it would be good to go in a super slow tempo checking one 8th note at a time. You may gradually feel like you are creating your own groove with drums, and I'm sure you are getting excited!

It is considered as an ideal to be able to keep the both hands stable even when you are sleeping. The hands should be always stable regardless of the position of the bass drum hits. But probably a development of drum skill is an event that your body and brain get used to a series of patterns as a set of 3 limbs. I cannot explain it very well, but I think the brain does NOT control the right foot completely independent of both hands. (Excluding Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez. See the past article below) 

Whatsoever the processes of the brain may be, practicing many different patterns and mastering them make it possible to play smoothly combining the patterns. I recommend to create your own customized patterns by changing the position of the bass drum hits and enjoy!