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Episode 1: Attack of YouTube Drum Performance Showcase

This time I try a variation of this blog. Let me showcase 6 drum performances on YouTube deserving of special mention. You should officially watch all of them for your life as a drummer.

1. Aric Improta upsets conventional wisdom on a drum solo. Out-of-the-box is when even before the drum solo starts. Just by seeing the aerobic 0:06-0:10, it is clear that common sense has already been overturned. 

2. This explains some styles of stick tricks/twirling that famous drummers perform occasionally. The John Blackwell's stick trick is useful.

3. I can't believe they don't seem to be well-known super drummers. Is this blazing fast speed average among them!? The musicians are playing without much surprise, but the groove and especially the speed of the drummers are of the highest level in the world.

4. A footage of Buddy Rich's performance two months before he died. I'm very surprised that his performance does not show any decline throughout his life.

5. A Jojo Mayer's drum solo. In the first half, he expresses very variously using only the snare drum. Especially this incredible brush is a must-see. I learned a lot because I had no idea how to make changes or to express something with brushes.

6. The legendary session with Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, and Vinnie Colaiuta. Some of the comments on YouTube are about who won or lost. Do you think Vinnie won, sure? It reminds me that there are various criteria or evaluation scales such as speed, musicality, presence.

I can't stop watching YouTube. After one movie ends, thumbnail images look interesting show up to attract me. I just click on one of. That's to be expected. In the meantime, 3 hours just slip away before I know it. This is extremely dangerous. Watching movies on YouTube is an exercise to develop moderation and self-control.