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Sunlight Zen - Repulsion and Gravity changes Japan

I'm going to review my own play and see a plain self-applauding!

The band that I am currently participating in as a drummer is "Sunlight Zen" that is very energetically active now. We sometimes perform live concerts, touring around the country, sometimes collaborate with Rakugo (Japanese sit-down comedy). Be sure to follow up!

Well, here's the song I am playing with a somewhat remarkable phrase, "Repulsion and Gravity"! 

It is a vocal song in relaxing tempo. Here, see the drum solo in the ending part of the song. Tenor saxophone, guitar, and punched-in silence one after another then the drum solo.



I did not prepare for the recording of the song in advance. My mood on the recording day, physical condition, status of the drum kit in the studio, room temperature, body temperature, frozen stares of the solemn no-nonsense recording engineer. This is a play that couldn't be realized if those were different even a little on the day. Treasure every encounter.

I performed simply until coming to the last part. And at the end of the last minute, suddenly 32-notes high-speed phrase comes surprisingly. A drum solo full of playfulness. Even after this recording, I rehearsed this song a lot of time in a studio with Sunlight Zen. However, I have never played like that. I'm trying every time in order to get a fruit of serendipity (happy accident). A good phrase incidentally comes out from me or not. Coincidence is what matters. That potentially brings innovation! On the other hand, there is a disadvantage that I might get hated by band members who want to consolidate music stably. And, I also have to confess that 90% of the band's members dislike much of my go-as-you-please attitude. Mates, sorry again, I try to plan more.