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You did not know! The mystery of Frank Zappa - Keep It Greasy (Joe's Garage) - 19 over 16

Hello there ... this is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER ... Of course, Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage! And Vinnie Colaiuta is waiting for you! 

Joe's Garage Acts I, II & III

Joe's Garage Acts I, II & III


I showed you the live recording version of "Keep it Greasy" from the album You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3 in the article below. By the way, You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore is sometimes called "ycdtosa". Everyone knows.

Let's see the studio recorded version of "Keep it Greasy" from the album Joe's Garage this time. I don't know the Zappa's idea behind it but he finally wrote 19/16 in the music sheet for the first time ever in human history like this: 


You might see the massive black chunk in 4th bar like a C-clef symbol from a distance. Take a look closely it's 19/16. The drum part is not very much complicated, considering the impression comes from a prime number 19. He played it simply like adding three 8th notes to 4/4. If I'm forced to say something, be careful of the snare shot on 2nd beat which comes earlier than you may feel.

There is not much fills and chops in the drum play. He seems to beat out a simple rhythm to be just a guide of time as much as possible. Still it is a bit unusual not to put a base drum at 1st beat on some bars, but the vocal part seems to be rather difficult here. He came into the vocal recording on the first-ever 19/16 but he sings confidently indeed. I would like to have some sessions with such a confident and reliable vocalist.

FYI, refer to the site below for further information of the 19/16 part:

Next time we will see the more odd-meters part comes later in the song, which we all are curious about.