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Lenny Kravitz - My Precious Love stole outrageous things from you

Lenny Kravitz performs vocals, guitar, bass, organ, drums and everything. Besides, we all are defeated because he is proficient and intensely talented for all of them. Leonardo da Vinci in the music industry, yes, he's a superhuman. Even if you played drums for many years you cannot easily bring about his taste. 

Let Love Rule: 20th Anniversary Edition

Let Love Rule: 20th Anniversary Edition


From his legendary first album Let Love Rule, let us listen to a song called My Precious Love. Hot emotions are spreading in the relaxed triple time, my valuable sacred love! That love!

The drum pattern is very simple. It is not impossible to imitate it because it is not technically difficult. But, have you ever had an emotional love experience? Without it, you could never play like this I declare!


In terms of the sound, pay attention to the tambourine on the backbeat (the snare hit on the 4th beat in bars). That makes the song different. When you think "something missing in drum pattern?", you might get a clue if you consider such tambourine.

Don't forget to understand what the song lyrics mean and express it with drums accordingly, I talk to myself.