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Prince - The Everlasting Now - we can not hide embarrassment due to its too much awesomeness

Prince. It is not ex-Prince. Thank god we don't see the mysterious sign any more. Anyways it was nice him to return back. Here comes his album "The Rainbow Children". John Blackwell plays drums. I don't have almost any instruments my own but I really love his play I have his signature model snare. Let's take a look at the play in "The Everlasting Now".

The Rainbow Children

The Rainbow Children



Beginning with a sound effect that the audience is cheering at a wide stadium it starts from this pickup solo: 


And the basic pattern starting from immediately afterwards is the point of interest here: 


The interesting is that mysterious left and right hand procedure. Not limited to a discotic style that opens a hi-hat with such a beat, in many cases it is the right hand to hit the hi-hat and the snare is the left hand. On the other hand, here he handles the hi-hat and snare entirely with the left hand, and the right hand incorporates an impressive phrase on the floor tom that definitely characterizes the song. The right hand and the left hand probably go like this: 


Compared to general way such as rock drums and how to move the body, it is a lot difficult to take balance but John manages and naturally accomplishes it.

Listening to songs of this album, mysterious drum patterns come out that I am not able to understand how he is balancing his play. And it turned out to overturn the common sense of all serious and diligent drummers!! Although it is mysterious, everything is groovin' groovy, that is John Blackwell. A very large John Blackwell's initial "JB" logo is attached on the side of his signature snare body, so over 90% of the person who saw it for the first time asks "James Brown?". But mysterious John Blackwell would not worry at all.